von Sabine

I love to run. I love to watch films. I love to watch trailrunning films!

So far so good. But where can I find trail- and ultrarunning films? Yes, there are some well-known youtube channels. There are some „best-of“ lists. But this does only cover a small segment of films.

So I decided to build my own trailrunning film archive. And during this process I thought: why should I just keep this archive to myself? I guess that I am not the only trailrunner who tries to find good trailrunning films, particularly in this time of the year, when long trailruns tend to take a backseat. 

Therefore I have now added a new segment to our blog: The Trail Running Film Archive.

In the archive you will find links to a great variety of trail- and ultrarunning films. Some of them are full feature length films, others are short films. Most films are free, for others you will have to pay (marked by 💲). Most films are in English, but there are also some in German or French. For sake of clarity, each film is attributed to one of the following sub-categories:
  • SOON TO COME: Links to trailers of  trailrunning films that have been announced recently.
  • BRANDNEW: Films that have been released the last two months.
  • RUNNER’s CLOSEUP: Mostly short films focussing on a particular runner.
  • SPECIAL MOMENTS IN TRAILRUNNING: Sometimes not the best filmmaking – but a very special moment.
  • TRAIL ADVENTURES: No races, no FKTs. Just running on great trails.
  • (OFF) THE BEATEN TRAIL: Films that focus on the beauty of trails and on the trailrunning community.
  • PURE MOTIVATION: When you have watched these films, you just want to go out and run!
  • NOT QUITE TRAILRUNNING: No trailrunning films, but films that might be interesting for trailrunners.
  • FOR THE FILES: RACE REPORTS: Films with official race reports.

I have completed the first four categories, the others are still under construction. I will keep you informed when more parts are ready. Meanwhile feel free to use the archive in its current „work in progress“ state.

This archive is a service from runners for runners. Therefore I also need your help to keep it updated. Runners and film enthusiasts: Are you aware of a film that I didn’t include? Filmmakers: Do you work on a film or did you release a film recently? Please shoot me an e-mail to I really appreciate all contributions!

You find the Trail Running Film Archive here.

But don’t forget to get out and run. See you on the trails!